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Eva Sidén is a composer and a concert pianist within the field of notated art music. Her artistic work is multifaceted. As a composer she mostly composes chamber music and electroacoustical music and she often works in cross-artistic contexts within fields such as visual arts, space/architecture and poetry/literature, often in collaboration with art institutions, concert halls, cultural centers and theaters (see works).

As a concert pianist, Eva Sidén performs with an extensive repertoire (see solo repertoire) of contemporary and 20th century music, of traditional composers and of her own work. She regularly does first performances of other composers works especially written for her. One of her artistic aims is to create new concert forms and music meeting places, and she works with music projects for young people.

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Piano studies as a child in Norrköping and Stockholm for Prof. Stina Sundell.
Norrköping Music School. High school program with music and visual aesthetics.
1976 Yorks Piano School, England.
1977-78 School of Artistic Education, Stockholm.
Piano studies, Ellfride Kolbe Dobrowlny, Stockholm.
1978-1984 Music Conservatories in Prague and Paris. Janacek Academy, Brno.
1984-1986 University of Stockholm. The Science of Music, The Science of art, The History of Ideas and Sciences, Philosophical Aesthetic Theory. Bachelor's Degree, 1997.
1986-1989 SMI, The Pedagogic Institute of Advanced Studies in Music. Piano Ped. Degree, 1993.
1990-1992 Composition studies for Arne Mellnäs.
1995-1997, 2000-2006 IRCAM, Paris. Composition seminars and New Music studies.


FST, Society of Swedish Composers.
ISCM, International Society for Contemporary Music. Member of the board 2003-2008.
LINKs, Living Interpreters of Contemporary Art Music. Member of the board 2003-2006.
Samtida musik, Chamber Music Society.
URUK, First Performances Club. Member of the board 2008-2009.
Sällskapet Pro Piano, Pro Piano Society.
SPPF, svenska pianopedagogförbundet, The Association of Swedish Piano Pedagogues.

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Contact: Eva Sidén, Storkyrkobrinken 1, 111 28 Stockholm, tel +46 (0) 8 10 68 10, (0) 739 96 74 49,